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Σχετικά με αυτό το παιχνίδι ChessBase is a personal, stand-alone chess database that has become μετάφραση του slimming francais standard throughout the world. Everyone uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it. Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy the game even more.

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New features: Automatic opening surveys The central new function in ChessBase 16 consists of automatic opening surveys for any move whatsoever.

Until now opening preparation was above all about move selection.

Περιγραφή εφαρμογής

It is much more effective to have a variation για το τσάι μαϊντανού αδυνατίσματος, an opening survey. ChessBase now provides that. At a glance you will see the complete opening in front of your eyes and you can immediately evaluate which variations are important to master safely.

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This ready survey can perhaps be supplemented by material you have prepared yourself and thus quickly becomes part of your own repertoire. But how is the move selection made?

Επεξεργασία συνδέσμων

That may happen through an algorithm, but it is you who set the parameters, the style of the opening choice. I would like to briefly present some of the styles which are perhaps most important for your practice.

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In it moves are selected which dominate modern practice. This often results in considerable deviations from the traditional main variations and delivers the most interesting and theoretically best founded survey.

Just as on a Google search we usually click only on the top links, in opening preparation too those moves which are frequently played and at the top of the list exercise a magnetic attraction.

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Like this, very playable secondary systems are overlooked through which passable positions can be reached and which demand little preparation time. Almost every one of the known gambits in chess theory will certainly show up in these surveys.

Γρήγορη πρόκληση λέξεων

It searches in respectable recent games for the sharpest continuations possible. That leads to very aggressive secondary systems, e.

The search is based on your own reference database, thus best of all the latest Mega Database including the online updates. If someone else with a reasonably up-to-date reference database has already looked at a survey from that particular move it while adjustable comes directly from the server and thus is ready immediately. Smooth handling of deep variation trees Opening surveys with deeply nested variations make particular demands on the representation of the notation.

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Another novelty is the automatic recognition of games quoted. All the opening surveys of ChessBase 16 contain pointers to recent strong sample games.

Real time notifications of interesting opening trends The tactical analysis for automatically commenting on games is extended by means of particular opening comments.

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ChessBase 16 recognises whether an innovation is important and comments appropriately. Furthermore, hints are provided to recent theoretical trends and successful secondary systems.

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Further innovations in brief Update of Mega database with one click. Improved search booster with a need for half the space on your hard disk. Link to ChessBase Shop with direct installation of purchased products.

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Preparation for opponents with spotting of weaknesses based on your own repertoire. Search for characteristic tactical positions in an opening variation. New in ChessBase 16 - Opening surveys for every move with a single click.

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With a choice of focus: Main Variations, Fashion, Side Lines, Attacking, Gambits, Endgame - Better overview when playing through deeply analysed games thanks to dynamic folding of the notation - Urgent news about recently played innovations with direct access to the database - Direct database access to μετάφραση του slimming francais being played live - Preparation for opponents with recognition of their weaknesses taking into account μετάφραση του slimming francais own repertoire - Innovations and trends as annotations in Tactical Analysis - After an update to Megadatabase, overview of important recent innovations and theoretical trends.

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